OEM Honda - Element Rack, Used

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Stock OEM Honda Racks will fit any Element 2003 - 2011 EX or LX trim. 

Please note that these are 100% used racks, and even the newest one is going to have spent  at least 11 years in the weather.   Any racks with clear damage or missing parts will be scrapped, not resold.   These will are only original Honda OEM racks, we have seen some really low quality copies.

These used racks may:

  • Show fading or shrinkage of the trim plastic rub strip
  • Have flaking paint 
  • Show scratches or clamp marks from accessories mounted to bars

Note: These will NOT fit SC trim, as the SC cladding is different, and the rack has a different end cap mount.  

If you live close to our shops, and this page shows inventory you can pick up in person and save the packing/shipping cost.