ECamper Rear Ladder

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UPDATE 11-01-21:  Limited Stock

This ladder has very long lead times from Gobi. 

When we have inventory, this page will be updated to allow ordering.  Availability can change based on ECamper orders coming in that include this ladder, we do our best to fill all parts orders from stock on hand. 

If we are unable to fill your order if placed while we show stock, we will refund your payment and contact you to let you know current availability  Thank you for your understanding.

Customers can also order direct from Gobi, the price is the SAME as they include shipping, our system will add $40 to cover shipping. Gobi is currently quoting 20 weeks on their website.  We have open order with Gobi with no hard delivery date.


Custom GOBI Ladder for the ECamper for quick easy access to the bed or racks.

The Gobi Honda Element ECamper ladder is designed to conform to the rear hatch, adding style and easy external access to your Honda Element ECamper. It attaches easily in minutes to the upper rear hatch door (no drilling required), and comes with stainless steel hardware and easy to follow instructions.

The ladder is for use when the hatch and tailgate are closed, and moves up with the hatch when open.  It does add 10 pounds to the hatch, which the stock OEM hatch struts will hold if they are in very good condition. If the hatch struts are wearing out, these may need to be replaced with new struts so the hatch doesn't hang down lower (leading to bumped heads...)


  • Fully welded construction prevents rattling
  • Pressure tested to eliminate open welds and rusting
  • 250 lbs. safe load limit
  • Gray epoxy powder undercoat rust inhibitor
  • Black powder textured top coat for excellent protection against UV rays and road grime
  • No Drilling required, uses existing body mounting points
  • All stainless steel and grade 8 hardware used.
  • Proudly made in Colorado, USA
  • Full 1 year limited manufacturer warranty

Please note that this GOBI ladder is designed specifically to work with the Ursa Minor ECamper. The ladder will also work on any Honda Element if you need access to a rack.

Gobi also manufactures a standard Honda Element Ladder, that version will not work with the ECamper, as the top of the ladder hits the camper when the hatch opens.

It is designed to remain in place once installed. If removed, there is some chance that once bolted in place the paint may be marred under the bracket due during use, or from the adhesive tapes.

Installation Notes

Gobi includes instructions about installing this ladder on a stock Element.  To add this ladder to an ECamper takes an additional step to get the bracket on the hatch, as the camper is in the way.   

We install the ladder bracket on a ECamper by removing the 2 bolts holding the hatch to the left hinge, remove 1 bolt holding the hatch to the right hinge, and then just loosen the last bolt holding the hatch to the right hinge.  Then carefully pivot the hatch away from the body in order to allow the bracket to slip on.  Use a bit of masking tape to hold the bracket in place, then reassemble all hinge bolts.  Once hatch is secure, position bracket and remove red cover tape from bonding tape and stick to hatch. 

After installing this bracket, the Gobi instructions can be followed to complete the installation.