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Bulb Seal Gasket

Bulb Seal Gasket

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Over time a camper's bulb seal can degrade.  This can occur due to weather and UV damage, or we've also had them stick to the base when temperatures fall below freezing when the camper was wet.   In one unique situation, an owner reported seagulls decided to tear it apart while beach camping!

This is one coil of material, enough to do one camper.  It will have to be cut into two parts for an ECamper, one section for the main perimeter, and one for the rear inset at the rear hatch.

This seal has an EPDM foam rubber bulb. The bulb is hollow for compressibility and the foam has closed-cell construction, which resists absorption. These seals push into place to stop wind, dust, and water from entering. The gripping edges have fingers for a strong hold.


Edge Grip Rubber with Bulb, aluminum core


ECamper - all
J30 JK - all
J30 JL - all
J180 - all
FTC - all


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