OEM Honda Element XM FM Antenna Assembly - EX NAVI 2010 - 2011 Used

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This OEM XM FM antenna assembly will fit any Honda Element EX-NAVI trim between 2010 - 2011  This version of the Element has the the dash navigation head unit. 

Note that the XM and FM antenna connections on this part changed over the years.  <strong>The 2010 - 2011 Navi part has a single connector for the XM signal, and a white FM  connector </strong>

The assembly includes:

  • Antenna Base
  • Mounting nut
  • Antenna whip

These are used parts from Elements that were converted to ECampers. The part may need some light cleaning but will not have any rust, chips, cracks or scratches.  We inspect to confirm no visible damage, but the electronic functionality is not checked.

Replacement is straightforward but disassembly of the rear trim around the hatchback is needed to reach the nut and connectors.

Important Order Notes:

1. These parts are removed from Elements as the cars come in for conversion, they are not stocked ready-to-ship.  There may be a delay in shipping out  of up to 10 days.  If we do not have the part available in this time frame we will cancel the order and refund the purchase price completely.

2. These parts are not our core business, and while we'd love to be the Amazon or "Zappos" of random Honda parts, we are focused on building campers every day.  At times small orders will wait until we have a minute to pack them out.  We appreciate your patience, or we are happy to refund your order any time on request if you need faster service.