Ursa Minor Vehicles - Parts Catalog

Welcome to the online parts system for Ursa Minor!  

Now our owners can find replacement, upgrade, or accessory parts easily and quickly for the campers we build  and the vehicles we work with.

A couple key notes:

  • We will build out the online parts catalog based on inquiries, rather than listing every part for every camper all at once.  If there is a part you need for service or repair, please email us and we'll add it to this store.
  • Not all parts are always in stock and ready to ship.  Some parts may be for older campers and will need to be fabricated or special ordered from a supplier.  Others may be already committed to a camper in production.  Please be patient, if we can not ship in a day or so after ordering. we'll contact you to advise of an estimated ship date.
  • Instructions are not included, we can give you the basics over the phone but we are not a big enough operation to have full time technical support staff ready to walk through repair procedures.    Service work can always be scheduled in either of our locations.
  • Parts may require some alteration or adjustment to fit.  Our campers are hand made, and have some variation over the various production years.
  • Due to the cost of handling in small quantities, we do not plan to list common small parts, like screws or bolts, that can be found elsewhere online.  If you need a bolt and are unsure what size/type it is please email us.



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